1997 / Born

Uras was born as a chemical materials and textile inks distributing company in 1997 in
Istanbul. The company which supports the needs of the local textile market since its
establishment, continued its activities with the sales and marketing of high quality
impregnating inks.

2002 / Planning the production

After five years of a high reputation in the textile market in Turkey, Uras who had realized
the needs of the market with a solid experience to textile chemicals began to work on its
own production process to supply the needs of the sector. The company concentrated on
R&D work in order to start production as soon as possible.

2003 / First Production

After one year of full concentration R&D work, Uras was ready for production. The company
which launched its first products in 2003 has taken

2010 / Digital printing ink

Digital printing has become a trend in the world after the development in the printing
technologies. Uras R&D Team had formulated the digital printing inks and manufactured the
first digital printing ink products.

2010 / First raw material production

Uras started the production of the raw materials needed in house.

2014 / Reactive printing ink

Having succeeded in becoming a pioneer in technological innovations, Uras has launched its
digital reactive ink products.

2014 / International sales

Uras has been able to respond to international demands after the establishment of the
export department and foreign branches. The company realized its first international sales in
2014 and continues to increase its export business.

2015 / International organic certification GOTS

Uras started to receive the result of its environmentally sensitive policies. GOTS certification
process (one of the most important certificates on behalf of textile products) has been

2016 / Ecopass certification

Uras achieved to certify that its products are healthy and environmentally sensitive with
Ecopass Certificate.

2020 / ZDHC Level 3 certification

Uras products has been certified as ZDHC Level 3 indicating that they can be used in

2020 / Uras Color Matcher Software Launch

A fast, simple and user friendly tool had been created for Uras customers to acquire the best possible PantoneĀ® Color: Uras Color Matcher.

2020 / DTG inks launch

Pigment textile printing inks had been added to the product portfolio